You’re Born With a Purpose, What Is It?

write your scipt to life

You must know or at least sense that you are capable of more, much more?

We are born into this world with natural qualities that slowly diminish over time. We are all born with a purpose, an individual purpose, but society soon tells us that we have to live a certain way, be a certain way… live life a certain way so pretty soon we are existing and not living.

We follow the pack, if we can recite a poem we pass but we can not identify what makes us special because we don’t feel special… we are trying so hard to be like everybody else.

We feel resistance and we stop, but resistance is key. It’s a message telling us that we haven’t walked this path before and that’s good thing.

Resistance from others is their thing and not ours to own or carry… there is a big difference and one you need to know and take into account when it comes to surface in your life.

We are living a life to a script that we didn’t even write… how crazy is that?

We are living with limiting beliefs that aren’t even relevant and do not serve us in any way.

It’s passed down from generation to generation and no one has ever questioned it and stopped to wonder if it feels right for them.


Your life is a movie, you write the script, be the producer, the director and the lead role.


Most people write the script and give themselves the part of an “extra” within their own movie. Living their life wishing they had more money, they could travel more, work less, earn more and long for good things to happen to them.

It’s their script… you write it and you create exactly what unfolds.

You want to change the movie, rewrite the script and play the lead role.

A diamond does not shine light; it reflects light… be the diamond… be the light. You get what you give out… always remember that.

The Law Of Polarity says “Where there is light there is the potential to be dark” it’s the same thing, just extremes. Ramp it up, light it up and write your script.