renee mayne


It really isn’t for the faint-hearted and sometimes I forget that because I live by what I teach.

This round of epic Interns are ALL IN and their willingness to go there, surrender and trust are altering everything they touch.

This week is Dark Feminine week and it’s a cracker, I could say it’s my fav but I say every week.

They meet four archetypes that make up the Dark Feminine and it is a fierce quadrant of reclamation.

The false power of “light” feminine is toxic and a veneer to what is really bubbling under the surface.

The false power of the Dark Feminine is the difference between personal agenda and gain or benevolence. External desire versus internal desire, two completely different things and it’s the difference between the extremes of the scale on consciousness.

It’s a lot to learn and understand let alone embodiment and integrate this level of consciousness.

But these women are committed and the results are showing up in ways that they expect and didn’t expect, both welcome and glorious.

Because the work of the Intuitive Dominatrix is becoming a Dominatrix in your life and a submissive to the universe.

To inhabit heaven no matter where we’re standing.

They’re mutating the universal laws that govern us and creating a new cosmic life.

Celebrating these fierce women who are destined to shine and create a new world order for themselves and others.