??? We’re Being SOLD a Billion $ Lie???

Renee Mayne, Intuitive Dominatrix, Somatic Kink
Spirituality and S€xuality has been stolen from us and now being sold to us in disjointed, fragmented and diluted half truths.
We talk about Sacred Leadership and smashing the patriarch when we’re oblivious to the fact it’s alive within us.
The problem is that it’s wrapped up in pretty words, love and light and a few namastes.
But at some point we need to call it for what it is…
False power.
There is nothing sacred about being uncommitted.
Validation is a part of sacred leadership, the Law of service says “No one is above you or below you, but we’re together in this journey.”
… there is nothing sacred about ignoring someone: except for spam, invites into something when we’ve just met and dick pics. You get ignored.
This inaction or lack of reaction is out of integrity to truly being of service.
It’s that part of us that wants to be in control and be ahead of the curve. That’s the machine.
The part of us that just wants to be on the other side and not listening to the whispers of wisdom that is speaking to us right now.
Our purpose is not to find “the one” and live happily ever after.
It’s not to be drenched in juicy fruits and jewels and have fancy titles.
It’s not to be in constant search for the thing that is the most high vibing.
No tool, software, crystal or thing has more power than you.
The most dangerous and toxic things are those wrapped up in “light”.
If I have discovered anything it’s that the most profound transformations happen in the “dark” when we reclaim our wild.
Our purpose is for every moment to be a FELT EXPERIENCE that happens IN the body.
We can feel when someone is really embodied and rich in their own pleasure versus someone who knows about it, speaks about it but doesn’t have it travelling through their veins.
When we let go of the fear of losing control we can enjoy the HUM, the purr and really begin to create our reality.
Before anything though the ? has to purrrrr.
When we can worship ? we know we’ve healed our wounds with our masculine.
Until then there’s Lube.