Prime Yourself To Play With Pleasure, you’ll be ripe and ready for anything.

Everything is interconnected and when we play with this Medicine big things happen in all areas of your life. When we change one thing, we change everything.

Worth, abundance, power and sex magick all have one key ingredient.


Learn how to cultivate it, explore it and use it to create the future you want and melt into the most extraordinary life now.

Becoming an Intuitive Dominatrix is entering into a playground where nothing is overlooked and we use the Mystery and the Magic to weave the most extraordinary lubricant to ensure a smooth, ripe and ready entry. Reclaiming Your Wild. Remembering Your Worth. Rebirthing Your Wicca. Rewilding Your Wonder. At what point do we say enough?

What do we have to do muster up the energy and effort required to go about feeling alive and in charge of your life?

To love the skin you’re in…

To stop procrastinating and do the thing…

To stop pretending you’re OK with your relationship to pleasure,

To stop telling yourself that this thing will be thing that makes everything OK,

That I just have to get through this time and then I’ll feel better…

A lot are people are worried about the “state of the world”, personally I think it’s a reflection of the relationship we have to ourselves.

The chaos,

The control,

The fear,

The conformity,

The rules,

The women I work with have spent their lives wondering if they’re worthy,

They feel like a tamed animal that has to live in accordance to a set of rules she didn’t even create.

She forgotten that before all the control, chaos and conforming she was magick.

She daydreams about feeling, serving, doing and exploring all the things that light her up…

That little girl who thought that life was going to be this crazy ride and she was going to fly through guns blazing, wings soared and she free,

Until she remembers she is depraved.

It’s not too late.

It’s never too late.

Lube is coming to prepare you for a grace and glorious entry into your rebirth and rewilding.

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