Copy of UNmarketing & UNselling Policy & Promise.


The yearning…

  • To be a tangible embodiment of your soul and thus your calling.
  • To show up everyday and express your deepest calling to be the honest, purest and most decedent expression of yourself.
  • To make an impact and contribution in the way you serve with grace, passion, certainty, self-honour and humility.
  • To feel free everyday, even in the most mundane moments.
  • To be wildly wealthy while serving in a way the lights you up, full and makes your soul shine and beam with pride and gratitude.
  • To be a role model, parent and guide for your children, to clear the ancestral and the karmic line for them so they can springboard off the foundation in which you have built for them.
  • To have the most incredible, deepest, fun, loving, intimate, thriving and uninhibited relationship with your life partner.


The vow…

I vow to commit to show up everyday.

I vow to do the “work”.

I vow to listen to soul everyday.

I vow to trust my inner compass.

I vow to not listen to what is safe or good, instead to what is right.

I vow to be a quiet embodiment and listen, trust and act upon the whisper of my soul.

I vow to commit to honour the spirit within and without. It’s one in the same.

I vow to serve in a way where it feels like I am making love every day.

I vow to love myself, always, unconditionally, fiercely, gently and softly.

I vow to let my creative subconscious mind tell me how is best way I can serve, connect and contribute in any and all moments.

I vow to act upon that.

I vow to serve from that space within me that is full, abundant, worthy and overflowing to the love I give to the world.

I vow to allow myself to be wild, sexy, succulent and free.


We move forward with the understanding that how we do one thing, is how we do all things and we are not fragmented, disjointed or separate in any way, so to honour that and make a profound, pleasurable and potent impact we approach each experience with benevolence and relevance to ensure you receive the outcome that is aligned with your highest good.


If you feel ready to go there you can choose your own adventure or come and join us in the Rise Of The Intuitive Dominatrix Internship.