How To Honour The Funk

moving through depression, pain and trauma

As we emerge and immerse ourselves into the journey of self and the awakening of expressing all of who we are as our pure soul self, it will take us in good stead and not without or in the absence of fear, pain, trauma and darkness.

Before we enter into this path it is first we must become self-aware.

The Hedonistic Way… as defined by you is creating your own way of life that is based upon embracing all of who you are and expressing that. Finding pleasure and hedonism is all facets all life.

We have become really good at honouring and expressing all the amazing things in our lives and sharing that at the sacrifice of everything else that don’t always feel so good. This is really where the good stuff happens and we avoid it!

We need to rewrite our belief from our heart space and womb… NOT our head.

We are human.


Our brains are over active and it’s really easy to let our brains run away and go on a tangent of all sorts of limiting, shitty and cycle of old patterning and beliefs.

This gets us nowhere, fast.

This is the first step in self-awareness.

Know when you’re entering into the “monkey mind”, it’s going to happen so let’s not delude ourselves in thinking it won’t.

We will, no matter how spiritually gifted, talented and amazing you are.

The question is… what are you going to do about it?

Try this one on for size…

Every time I feel pain, anxiety, depression, trauma and fear it is an opportunity for me to expand into more of who I am, it’s happening for me.

The thing is that we focus on the light and the dark and not all the beautiful shades in between. Imagine a game of tug-a-war that is what we are doing in our lives. Focusing on each end and pulling the crap out of them!

What happens in that game? One side comes tumbling down or it snaps in the middle.

There is a much more soul conducive way to honour yourself.

Meet yourself everyday day.

Connect with your soul self.

Communicate with your soul self.

Feel where and what is happening within your body.

What do you feel called to embody in this do?

The slower you go, the more you see.  

You always have options and choice.

Once you have committed to choosing your beliefs and meeting our fear we can start to encode our reality into something of pure, unfiltered delicious hedonism.

When you do have those days or moments of “monkey mind” and you can feel yourself entering into what could be a spiral of nowhere land. Have the courage to be self-aware and place your hand on your heart.

What does my soul need in this moment?

… Meditation

… Dance

… EFT (tapping)

… Journaling

… Word play

… Do you need to cry and release?


It is crucial at this point that we go within first and do the work, not project ourselves on other people or go into playing victim, blame or whatever vice we tend to use when we are in our heads.


It will often be the last thing you actually want to do is the one that will help you the most.


Other possibilities you might want to explore are…


Inward first every time.

This is crucial because otherwise we are projecting random shit on ourselves, to other people and sending a sign to the universe of scattered energy and that is not conducive to our highest good.

This is not to suppress, repress or try to bypass emotions such as fear, anger or pain, instead to honour those very important emotions and indicators, learn to speak to our fear and know the difference between fear and head chatter.

Getting in our head with scattered thoughts and letting ourselves run away with them is not in our best interest.

Sit with the core emotion, not the story around it or the who, why, when and the how.

The core feeling.

Do a memory search ask “When was there a time in my past when I was made to feel this way?”

Acknowledge the history.

See it from different perspectives, now as a witness.

Learn the lesson.

Write it out on paper.

Give love to yourself.

Feel gratitude and forgiveness.


Practice Ho’Oponopono


I am sorry

Please forgive

Thank you

I love you

Practice the mirror theory.

Bryon Katy uses the turnaround process and there are lots of different variations taught around this, however this is the core practice.

Hermetic Principles state: “As within, so without, as above, so below”… this Sanskrit goes back throughout all time.

In other words, our external world is a reflection of our internal world.

An example of the turnaround process is:

Whenever you feel triggered, (an obvious reaction or emotions towards someone, or something) angry, frustration and even hurt. For example, the trigger might be…

No one is listening to me” and turn it into “I am not listening to me.”

Does that feel true and even truer for you? Feel into it and look for examples about how this might be rolling out.

This requires us to get real and honest, this is self-awareness and self-responsibility. It’s us taking the reins and saying yes to ourselves, the power the lies here in is undeniable.