Law Of Gender & Understanding It To Manifest…. ANYTHING.

the law of gender

To understand this Law, we must understand it is very different to Gender Equality. Once you understand this, you will have a heighten awareness about everything that IS.

In this Law we explore the fact that there is gender in everything and everyone, but we interpret gender as male or female however it is much more than that. It’s just that most people can’t understand how that is possible, in saying that in recent times we are starting to see people talk about masculine and feminine energy that we all have within us and the importance of balancing the two. It has nothing to do with sexual attributes.

Let me explain further.

In order for us to create, achieve or manifest anything we need both genders to make it happen. Without both no creation is possible.

Every male has an element of the female element; every female has a male element that resides within.

Masculine energy sends energy out to the world while feminine energy is open and receptive. There is no good or bad simply what is and how we understand and harness this can benefit us greatly.

The hermetic principle defines masculine and feminine energy as “me” and “I”. Your “me” is a combination of your moods, mental states, habits and your body. It’s your feminine energy. Your “I” is your masculine energy which is your wishes, desires and intentions. Your drive so to speak… your “I” can will your “me” to act according to the intention the “I” is setting.

Say them and you can feel the different energy just voicing me and I. “I” is much more commanding and confident while “me” is much softer and passive.

Once you learn how to balance and use the energies to their full potential they are a creative force where anything can happen. Your “me” energy generates new ideas while your “I” energy puts them into action.

To use this power within us, we must form the idea in our “me” energy and then detach from it and allow the “I” to set the intentions and take action, then we must be in our “me” energy to receive and allow it to unfold.

An imbalance in the energies either is not ideal, too much in your “I” you become stressed, competitive and you have no genuine connection to yourself and therefore others.

Too much in your “me” energy and you become passive, take no action on your goals and you just observe life not live it and act upon it.

You need a healthy, and optimum balance to create magic.

That is why the most powerful words in the world are “I AM….”  Now what comes after that can be good or bad, it’s in your masculine energy and it’s what you’re putting out there to the world.

Be direct in what you want and ask for it in a concise why, however it is than vital you surrender to it.  Allow yourself, be open and in your feminine energy to receive.


Whoa baby, master this and you are unstoppable!



Image source Manifest Daily