Why Personal Development & Self Help Is Holding You Back.

personal development, self help and spiritual

Such as life.

It’s funny, so much of the personal development, self help and spiritual practises teach us to live in the moment. Yet, in the next breath we are taught that we are conditioned with certain beliefs that we need to release.

So many heart centred people are constantly searching, analysing, healing and releasing, what if there is a way to rise above any universal law?

If we are constantly looking back to heal, we can never fully move forward because there is ALWAYS something back there.

The more we “look back” the more the universe says “Wow, you really love this stuff so we’ll just throw more stuff at you.” So you feel like you are constantly releasing, healing and getting through each “shift” you are unable to fully live in the moment.  We get so caught up in it and we are slowing down the ascension process.

At some stage we need to stop looking back. Living and embracing the universal laws so that we get to a point where we practise self mastery, therefore the karmic reaction do not apply because we are above the pendulum swing.


Yes, there is TOTALLY a process, but you are perfect and divine just as you are.


Everything that is IN you IS you.