Tomorrow’s Dreams & Today’s Reality.

Tomorrow’s Dreams & Today’s Reality.


Forever Changing.

Dancing with the horizon.

Waiting for a new dawn.

Vision was once so clear.



Now… I know how I want to feel.

I don’t want to feel bogged down in the mundane.

Just like any hopes that are dependent on tomorrow’s maybe.

Look up.

Look around.

Look within.


That’s actually all I ever really want to do.


Scrolling for connection,

Mind waiting to hook onto something that will prompt something …

Anything on the emotional radar and compass.

Switching off and feeling more disconnected and disjointed than connected.

So, we scroll again and we get another hit of any form of connection.

Switch on to switch off.

We’re deluding ourselves,

Hopes rested on a whim and pray.

Business waiting for that one-sure-thing.

That one viral post.

Tomorrow’s dreams, today’s reality.


Switch off to switch on.


Know exactly where you are in your business.

Are you hungry, ravenous, eager or doubtful, bored and not so sure any more.

We don’t have to have our shit together all the time.

The vision, that big vision that once kept you up at night, will change.

The words will run out.

The well will run dry.

Energy will waiver.

As in your love for it.

That is why hedonistic way so important.

While you’re building your business you need to be building a life, and you need things in place.





To keep all the wheels turning, because all it takes is one will to fall off. Just one wheel and we lose our ability to drive effectively in all areas.

Cross pollinating and joining forces with self, spirit, sex and service is the most profound abundant and wise thing you can do your sanity your happiness and your bottom line.