Update & Results From The Pledge

Mindfulness and intention setting

30 days ago I made a pledge, a commitment to ascension intention setting, extreme mindfulness and only consuming food and beverages that heal, release and nourish my physical body.

I did…. I DID IT!

The first week was the hardest with headaches and fatigue were my two biggest hurdles. After that it became heaps easier, except for no alcohol… that was tough, really tough I am not going to lie.

During the second week the clarity and the activation of my infinite intelligence really started to become strong. Any unresolved feelings or questions had about my direction moving forward had dissolved and I started to redefine new Laws to my universal laws of success.

A new understanding, a new level of awareness was amazing. I could start to feel my body moving with ease, I had a stronger sense of my emotional body and my spirit body. I could the three connecting and gaining strength as time went on.


1. I lost 6.5kgs, I didn’t do it to lose weight, but I must admit I am feeling better in my skin.

2. I have had the most productive 30 days ever!

3. I have gained more traction and manifested more in the 30 days than in the last 6 months.


Moving forward: I will continue my intention setting and extreme mindfulness, I will also continue to nourish my body in the best way possible, but I will enjoy a G & T here and there.