Voyeurism. We Like To Watch.

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Voyeurism is an important and juicy part of the work we do inside the Internship, most people have it in their top 10 of their K!nk profile.

We like to watch and observe, but the first rule of “fight club” is to observe thyself.

Noticing every unobserved and hidden k!nk that shows up in our lives both consciously or subconsciously.

Today I danced with a k!nk that isn’t new to me, but had a different flavour and face than in the past.

As a serial entrepreneur, as I said in the opening line of the first book I self-published 10 years ago, “It can be a curse to have an entrepreneurial mind when you don’t know your path.”

FULL DISCLOSURE- I have been heavily leaning on my Creatrix for 14 years in business and 26 years of my career.


It means I don’t commit to a long term soul service relationship, I bounce at the first hurdle or when something doesn’t go as planned or I didn’t get the numbers I wanted or didn’t make the money I wanted to make or I was bored… often the latter!

I’ve been working on this for about a year now and I’ve come a LONG WAY.

So today when it surfaced I was like… Holy F Balls REALLY!!!

Yep really!

If you’re a multi-passionate- serial entrepreneur you have no shortage of ideas and creation is very easy for us, right?

Here’s the thing though… the Creatrix in constant creation mode doesn’t get to taste ALL THE FLAVOURS of a soul service.

Realising that I am getting off on this constant creation and reinvention has many arousing points…

  • You’re constantly in the honeymoon phase, which is juicy.
  • You don’t have to worry about committing because you’re FREE to move on whenever you want too.
  • You’re not attached and no thing defines you.


A big part of Somatic k!nk is being able to use voyeurism to identify what you’re k!nky arse self is getting off on in- this thing you don’t want to experience…. But secretly do!!!

All epic soul creation lies beyond your edge and it feels edgy and risky at first, so it’s a good indicator you’re bang on track. If you’re having those “Can I do this? Will it work?” thoughts… you know you’ve gone beyond the edge.

BUT than your k!nky arse self will say, do or create something that counteracts or resists that. I have seen it time and time again in myself, and hundreds of others.

So our k!nky arse self pulls back from the edge a little bit and it’s really annoying, but we do it for a reason and as soon as we learn how to identify it, it’s a mood killer BIG TIME so the cheeky little k!nk dissolves.

This brings me back to me getting off on the honeymoon period and not wanting to commit to a long-term soul service relationship.


Only now I am somatic k!nk ninja who eats this sh!t for breakfast and my entire being KNOWS how frigging juicy, deep, intimate and infinite a long term relationship can be because I have been with my partner for nearly 22 years… side note- we not married!!! Hahahaha.

Can we hold several deep, intimate and juicy relationships all at once, absolutely!!!

My mind, body and soul KNOWS this to be true and now I can honestly say that I am ready to fall head over heels into a long term relationship with my soul clients.

  • A- frigging-men!


Note- the Creatrix is amazing and one-quarter of the Dark feminine that I teach in the context of the Internship however if she is oozing out into the other quadrant then we know we have k!nk rolling out.


If you feel called to understand more about Somatic K!nk join us!