Renee Mayne

Every step, every action, every choice, every piece has been for a reason.

Sometimes we forget that and wonder why on earth we did that thing.

Right now what do you need to unlearn and what do you need to remember?

A big chunk of my past and training has been in performing- dance, voiceovers and acting.

NOW they play a HUGE part in my work today.

I KNOW how to give myself over to a role and go there, use movement to embody and move energy, and HOW to use my VOICE to enhance my client experience.

It all heightens my client’s transformation and honours the art.

When I was 11 years old I became an Avon lady, this was my first experience in making money, tracking sales, working with clients and product knowledge.

I understood the ebbs and flow of business. It gave me the realisation that success is based on and equal to how hungry I am to go out there and make it happen.

The hair & beauty industry was also a big part of my past- that’s when I realised how we feel is an inside job. I began to see color and shapes beyond what I saw in front of me that helped my client’s step into how they wanted to feel in the inside. That’s where I became addicted to transformation!

TV– I see everyone as equal and no matter what the world thinks of you, everyone is human and loves to be treated as one. It’s where I realised that it’s much harder to be yourself on camera than to play a character!!!

Lingerie- I built Australia’s largest lingerie resource and carved a global business that wasn’t even a thing and into a money-making machine. Here I learned everything about the internet, coding, SEO, copywriting, internet marketing, sales pages, creating content, affiliates, membership, online products, coaching, mentoring, building apps, teaching bra fitters worldwide and in department stores all across the USA, mindset and what business looked like in the information age… as well as all things lingerie and it’s where my addiction to lingerie began.

Personal & Spiritual Development– was always the thread that was in everything I did. Being in business is the biggest personal development we can experience. Intuition is everything and trusting it is another!

I launched a blog called Busting Out, which was a spin-off (and pun) of lingerie, it was about busting out to find freedom. At this point, I was speaking on a lot of stages and often was asked about my “story” and domestic violence came up a lot so there was a natural progression into becoming an advocate and spokesperson for abuse against women.

I sold automated programs and courses on how to live a life you love and that blog received over 3000 views daily. Eventually, I sold it to a global enterprise and a VERY well known person in the business still today.

I studied the Universal Laws and became focused on the mutable laws and they become the foundation of everything I taught in business and life. It’s been before conscious business was even a thing!

I sold countless products, courses and businesses over my time online and it feels like I have nestled into my POCKET of service and I AM IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL.

All the magic that happens in The Hedonistic Way and The Rise Of The Intuitive Dominatrix is built on vast and expansive knowledge, wisdom and experience of the highest possible standard.

With my multiple industry knowledge and experience with global business and Soulpreneur’s, I have a vantage point where I can sniff congruency, blocks and what’s really going on a mile away.


REMEMBER I can see the colour and the shape beyond what is in front of me.



While I am constantly evolving I know that everything has brought me here to very moment and it all makes sense!