unMarketing and unSelling Policy and Promise.

UNmarketing & UNselling Policy & Promise.


Everything you see written, posted and published under the Renée Mayne Pty Ltd umbrella has been delivered knowing that you are perfect, you have done nothing wrong, you don’t need fixing, healing or improving.

I am not here to sell you anything.

To “market” anything to you.

It is my intention that something will resonate or it won’t.


There is no push, pull or attraction marketing.

No manipulation of any kind believing you are less than.

To never invest any time, money and energy into healing myself, growing, improving or fixing. Choosing to instead go further and further, deeper and deeper into ourselves. Then play, explore and transfigure from that space, to create, capture and serve from that space. (You might want to check out the yearning and the vow)

It is with all my heart and soul that I want nothing more from you than for you to trust what your body, heart and soul is trying to communicate to you, may you hear and trust that.

Whether it be an experience with me or not. 

It is our promise that we do everything in our power to restore your power.

More options don’t equate to bigger and better.

Our body of work that is The Hedonistic Way is designed to dismantle the social manipulation of sales and marketing tactics and strategies that persuades us that we in some way are not enough. We explore, listen and create how we can serve, show up and invent from this expansive be-ing.

This is rolled out at every touch point.

We hereby declare that you see you as a modern day Disruptor, Creator, Leader, Mystic and Outlaw that is ready to smash all the rules, the conditioning and beliefs (even the hidden ones) that we can in some way out smart the universe.

We hereby call in people who hunger to…




Embody, and

Lead this way of life where we unmarket and unsell.


Believing that we share (“market”) in way that is-


In integrity and matches this fifth dimension and ethos of “the now”, whereby-


Simply embodying who we are,

Being the most honest expression of ourselves,

Opening up the floodgates to pleasure we know and trust that we will resonate and call in the people we were always destined to serve.

You can also read our entire code of ethics here.

It is from this space that I invite you to go there and choose your own adventure or check out the Rise of The Intuitive Dominatrix Internship.


CREDIT: I want to acknowledge that the original term “Unmarketing” belongs 
to Scott Stratten and I have his full permission to use this term in my 
policy and promise. (Thank you)