Learn, feel and taste what life looks like through the eyes of an Intuitive Dominatrix.

Become a Dominatrix of your life and a Submissive to the universe.

A person who has this remembrance will inhabit Heaven no matter where she standing and what is happening around her.

Inside each of us are hidden kinks that are running the show and this is playing out in parallel ways across every area of our lives. I work with the sub-conscious mind, the subtle anatomy, embodiment and you, to transmute and evolve these hidden kinks.

Inside this Masterclass you will...

  • Learn the hidden kinks that are running parallels in your life.
  • How to Play with Polarity.
  • What is the cross pollination of your K!nk profile and your love language.
  • Understanding erotic play.
  • Meet Your Intuitive Dominatrix.


This Masterclass will be jam packed with juicy AF info, practical take always, an understanding of what it means for you and how it feels to be in the energy and see through the eyes of your Intuitive Dom.


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