Sacred Kinky Love, Play & The Love Languages.

SaCreD Kink ProfiLe, bdsm profile, love languages.

What is YOUR Sacred Play Profile? Everyone has a Love Language and a kink profile, no one is exempt from this and if you want to deepen your relationship, connections and soul relate than this is something you’ll want to sink your teeth into. It brings a sacredness to kink, play and BDSM. Gary Chapman’s…

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Voyeurism. We Like To Watch.

Somatic Kink, the Intuitive dominatrix, the hedonistic way, sacred sexuality

Voyeurism is an important and juicy part of the work we do inside the Internship, most people have it in their top 10 of their K!nk profile. We like to watch and observe, but the first rule of “fight club” is to observe thyself. Noticing every unobserved and hidden k!nk that shows up in our…

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agendas and thriving for change

The constant action for inclusion has come to an expiry date, Because it is exhausting. When we stand on the edge and on the brink of change we don’t stand their alone, We stand with all those who came before us. Hungering to dissolve agendas, Dissolve the need to beg people to care, To see…

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intuitive dominatrix Renee Mayne

  Trying so hard to show the world we aren’t crazy,   Masks upon masks,   Shame and guilt buried in empty smiles and lost dreams.   Pretending that we aren’t fluffing our way through this life,   Like we know what we’re doing,   Pretending we aren’t hurt,   Like that thing that happened…

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My Garden Of Eden.

Renee Mayne Fem Dom

If you give yourself a few seconds of melt into any media you’ll soon feel yourself collapse into a feeling of a faithless, fear based existence. You feel the control and the collapse of everything that gives you hope. Why I am made to feel like my garden of Eden is evil? Like I’m the…

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Deep In The Mystery

deep the feminine mystery

I get these glimpses of myself in spaces I’ve never been. I am free-flowing in the abyss and trying to make sense of the unknown. The mystery that can never… will never be found. But there is that part of me that longs for it make sense, Yet it lies beyond all senses. There is…

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Where Scientists, Spiritualists & Sceptics Meet.

Eyes of the Universe, space Eye, live space

I find myself pondering the BIGGEST discovery in Quantum Physics. … And why I think it’s leading us up a destructive path. LIFE IS BUT AN ILLUSION. We are in a dream… Scientists are been researching it for decades. Spiritualists have been using it to avoid life. “Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s helpful.”…

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Renee Mayne

Here’s the thing that gets missed when we feel lost in life. One, you probably don’t even realise it. HOWEVER you’ll know the symptoms of it, First, let me explain what happens… Imagine you’ve got all the wheels spinning and you’re tied to the wheels, That’s how we are in life, we’re spinning with not…

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My New Ink.

Renee Mayne

I knew I was being initiated and I wasn’t quite ready for her, She was there, it’s not the first time she has risen and I’m not naive in thinking it will be the last, With every inch of my being, I knew I couldn’t rush this, Every moment has a part to play and…

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renee mayne

I’ve always been someone who has felt like they don’t belong in any one circle. Too out there for some, Not out there enough for others. Too naughty, Not naughty enough, It’s had MANY faces over the years… decades. There has been an ongoing feeling of not wanting to be normal, And desperate to be…

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