Rosie Batty, Violence & The Conversation We NEED To Have

rosie batty

“Life is too perfect to be fair, it’s not about fairness, this is about redemption. What you have gone through, that’s not fair. This is not about fairness. You didn’t cause the pain and hurt you experienced, but you have to be the one to give it what it’s missing. If you don’t you will…

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Playing With The Idea Of Employed To Startup?

employed to self employed

There are rules, rules on who to be, what to do and how to live our life. What is our true identity? Your true purpose? What if you gave yourself permission to question everything and eliminate the rules that hold you back, redefine your own happiness, love, career, fulfilment to start over and give yourself a…

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Create Clients Constantly Without Selling Your Soul

Create Clients ConstantlyWithout Selling Your Soul

Let’s have an honest conversation… I don’t know about you, but I am so exhausted by all the noise online, the constant feeling of having to engage in groups to the point where FOMO comes in (fear of missing out). You are comparing yourself to everybody’s “highlight reel” online and it makes you feel like…

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Renée Mayne, the woman, the mentor, the gifts & my super powers.

Renée Mayne, the woman, the mentor, the gifts & my super powers.

My Why. As a business mentor the “surface” things come easy to me… they always have. At 18, I entered and managed a business and within a few months we were smashing targets and taking more money than ever before. At 10, I was an Avon lady and making sales brought me more joy than…

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What Moves You To Take Action?

Space clearing old energy

Here’s the truth. I know I want to move people, when I am on stage I want the audience to come away with me… I don’t want to tell them what to do, how to do it and talk about how fabulous I am. Let’s share and experience, come away with me and I know…

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Do You Remember When You Lost…. You?

Renee Mayne younger self

In the beginning there was you, a divine light that was produced out of an act of love. You are born pure love, with a special love for yourself, for anything and everyone. Then life gets in the way, as we start to notice things around us that don’t seem to make sense. We only…

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A Message to My Teenage Self

message to teenage self

A Message to My Teenage Self I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but it doesn’t. I wish I could tell you that it doesn’t impact your life, but it does. I wish I could tell you that everything rolls out exactly how you intended, but it doesn’t. I can tell you…

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A Message To My Child Self

message to inner child

To the younger me, my child self… I would like to tell you this. I see you Like really see you I know now, that back then you didn’t know that. I know that you were waiting for someone to turn around and see you, like really see you and see you for you were,…

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Debunking My Truth About Business Coaches And Mentors.

soulful business menotring

The more you look the more you find, the more you research the more confused you become. The sea of noise can be deafening. I am going to be absolutely honest with you, is that OK? Something I have always said is “Know what your competitors are doing and forget about them. The more time…

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For The Searchers… The Seekers & The Wanderers.

living life to the fullest

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly searching? Searching for a better way, something more. You’re constantly looking and analysing yourself and your experiences looking for the meaning? Do you ever wonder why certain people are in your life? I do. Why would they say that or do that? I am a nice person. You…

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